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Moneyslavery (Bdsm)

Beeing a moneyslave (or paypig) means to be the slave of a dominant person and spoiling her (or him) with money and gifts. Money means freedom in our world, the freedom to be able to buy things, or to undertake something. Giving money away means to renounce or to sacrifice freedom. Moneyslavery (or financial domination, financial slavery) is a kind of sm (Sado Maso) which takes place in the psyche or the mind in the biggest part.

Moneyslavery and Financialdomination (findom) is a very well known and often discussed topic within the fetish jargon. If you are interested in this fetish or if you care about money slavery / financial domination, we suggest you to visit the biggest community / portal, the MoneyDomDirectory. Learn more about the MoneyDomDirectory (MDD), or visit the site:

Moneyslavery belongs to Bdsm

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