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Sexuality bisexual
Hair style shoulder sized
Hair color black
Eye color brown
Pierced yes
Tattoos no
Shoe size 37 EU
Height no info
Weight no info
Stature no info
Chest no info
Cup size DD
About MistressDomAlexa
I am a Pro Financial Dominatrix. For me its a job something I do everyday and something that I work hard at. Like any service industry it's important that you deliver value for your customers.
Doing what I do most people assume, wrongly as it happens, that I am a real man hater. Nothing could be further from the truth. I like men. I would go so far as to say I love men. So being a dominant, financially savvy woman like me, what could be better than to control the finances and lives of men knowing that they are getting off on it?
As I understand it, the fetish of being financially dominated can come about in any number of ways. I believe it is misunderstood by lots of people. Don’t worry, I am not going to get technical here. But it’s fair to say that we all have things that turn us on and how this happens who knows; but its not something that can be controlled. It just is. We all have differing likes and dislikes and thank God! What a boring world this would be otherwise.
The thing is, if you get all hot looking and what society might consider “normal”; boobs, bums, stockings etc then good for you. If, however, your kinks are somewhat different, how ya gonna get some satisfaction?
Now, I know that there are a lot of girls and women out there that are happy to take, take, take but don’t have the wit to offer anything in return. A cute pair of boobs is well and good, but maybe you crave someone strong, beautiful and powerful to allow you to form a deeper relationship in which your deeper needs can be met? This is the type of service I can offer. And I am pleased to say I have happy clients who feel that they get value from spending with me. They feel safe and understood which is important in my world. I have “met” some wonderful people doing this work. I am lucky as I really enjoy my job.
Looking for a relationship totally submissive slave and couple slave 24/7 to put into practice the fiercest fantasy,waiting message from the determined.

I'm looking

with one or more gentleman which are potent financial

willing to invest in a business in the UK or in Europe

in open one or more of bdsm studio or a "salon" club "massage

for more information leave an email address :

forward messages only from serious gentleman .

Welcome, worm, to my world. I am your only desire; the most pleasurable and financially demanding Mistress YOU NEED. This is home for pathetic little losers, sissies, worms and pigs to give in and accept what you really are. Online slave training, distance training, email tasks, webcam domination financial domination to money slaves and pay pigs.
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