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Sexuality bisexual
Hair style long
Hair color black
Eye color brown
Pierced yes
Tattoos yes
Shoe size 38 EU
Height no info
Weight no info
Stature no info
Chest no info
Cup size G
About Goddess Aryanna
Do I look familiar slave?That is only in your imagination,I am a Goddess and you just laid eyes on me but only if I let you of course.I have discovered BDSM a long time ago and since then my life has never been the same.I started to enjoy dominating men and telling them what to do.People who share my interests always put a smile on my face.As a professional mistress I learnt to control everything that the other represents up to the level I want it to go.Pathetic losers make me smile the most because they think that if they crawl in front of me I will have pity on them and show them some sort of interest which is entirely wrong.I like to humilate and torture my slaves till they cannot take it.I and only I will have absolute power over your pathetic self.I will hypnotize you with my beauty until you will not be able to escape me and you will want me more and more.Everything that you desire will come true.Pain and cruelty will embrace yourself until you get the highest level of satisfaction.I like loyal and rich slaves who will make me feel happy and take me to the luxurious travels that I desire.Slaves who do not possess a large quantity of money are not allowed to contact me.You will live and breathe only for my beauty and for the pain and torture that I offer you.Birthday : 09.June.1991
Body type : Curvy
Shoe Size : 38/39
You know very well the need to submit and worship a Goddess like me, to be controlled, disciplined, guided. Alone you feel frustrated, pathetic, ridiculous, disoriented, bootless. I’m your salvation. Let me give a purpose and a meaning to your life. Let’s give to your fantasies, reality!

I’m a PROFESSIONAL Mistress, I require tributes and gifts. You must show me that you are worthy of my precious time and attention, you must keep in mind that every moment you spend in my presence is a miracle. I’m also a LIFESTYLE Mistress, a firm beliver in Female Supremacy and I live my life accordingly. I belive that Women must be served, in every aspect, inside the bedroom, outside the bedroom, including the financial aspect.

Men are inferior species. But the one who see his own status and chooses to put himself in the hands of a superior Woman, is admirable, brave. To understand your inferiority it’s a proof of intelligence. A perfect male is a male slave. Accept your unchangeable condition.Who I’d like to meet
I want to meet true inborn slaves, open, sincere, devoted, well mannered, humble, with an authentic desire to serve and worship, not with just an isolated fantasy, but with a constant and intense need to give up control and fall on their knees at the feet of a superior Dominant Lady like me.

Your reward is my pleasure. Never forget who You are: an useless worm! I don’t want to fulfill your kinky fantasies. You are here to fulfill my desires and expectations! Your only fantasy must be to please me, no matter what.

You are my tool, my toy !

P.S : If you belive you are worthy enough for my time and attention, write me a detailed mail and tell me what are your skills and qualities, tell me what do you have to offer me, how can you be useful to me. Try to convince me that you are worthy to be at my feet. I hate those who send me ‘one line’ stupid messages, with stupid comments, in which they give cheap compliments, like ‘hey babe, you are really beautiful’. I know I’m beautiful. Don’t screw your chance in this way. I hate idiots.What I like
I like obedience , respect, devoted slaves who will do anything for they Mistress no matter what I like money slaves , sissies , piggies , pets, maids, trampling slaves , worshiper , beggars and bitches!!!

What I dislike
I hate rude people or stupid slaves, I hate disobedience and most of all i hate the people that think they are slaves just till they cum and after that are back stupid men.

24/7 (Total Power Exchange)
Age Play
Anal Sex (giving-strap-on)
Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play)
Ass Play(giving fisting, footingand others)
Body Hair
Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc.
Candle Wax
Chastity Devices
Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads
Cling Film
Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc.
Collar and Lead/Leash
Coprophilia (Shit Play)/Scat
Cross Dressing
Cupping (Suction of the Skin)
Dacryphilia (Arousal from Tears)
Defilement, Seeing a Partner Dirty or Wet
Dildos (Handheld & Strap-ons)
Doctor/Nurse Fetish
Electrotorture (EMS TENS units)
Fire Play
Food Play
Hair Pulling
High Heels
Klismaphilia (Douching/Enema)
Knife/Needle Play
Making Home Movies
Participating in Erotic Photography
Play Piercing
Podophilia (Foot Fetish)
Pony Play
Power Exchange
Religious (Nunplay, Priestplay)
Retifism (Shoes or Boots)
Role Playing
Sensory Deprivation
Talking Dirty
The Rack/Medieval Devices
Tongue Fetish
Urolagnia (Water Sports/Urine)
Beside this I am very open minded and i can listen any of slaves fantasies and in case this will not pass over my limits it will be ok to do in session.

My limits are:
Any practice that includes children’s , animals, illegal practices , extreme things that will harm the slave health for short or long term , mutilation, or practices who will harm the physical condition of a slave !
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