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About EbonyGoddessAmber
I am Egotistical, a boy bully, Sexy,Cocky, Cruel, Sadistic, Geeky, Witty, Addicting, Mind-Blowing, Kinky, and Greedy. I am the reason you exist. The reason you wake up every Morning. With just a whisper and a slight glare I can make you do anything I want. No matter how embarrassing or shameful it is. I am the bitter and sweet taste on the tip of your tongue that you never want to fade. I am kind and harsh at the same time, and you love it. With a quick lashing of My venomous tongue you will learn to love Me and fear Me.
Welcome to your new life. Welcome to the world of EbonyGoddessAmber.
your Mistress, your world, your new Owner.
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