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Sexuality heterosexual
Hair style long
Hair color black
Eye color blue
Pierced yes
Tattoos yes
Shoe size 38 EU
Height 1 cm
Weight 65 kg
Stature athletic
Chest 75
Cup size E
About DeesseJeanne
Forget about this fake view through male domination and finally discover the world of a true gynarchist lesbian French Goddess.

I evolve since more than ten years in the BDSM world where I excel in the art of domination. More than a passion but a real art of living, I do not see my daily life other than having several servants devoted to my comfort.

I am very demanding, uncompromising, I do not tolerate the slightest mistake. No need to play your charms hoping to attract my clemency, it won't get any influence on me, I'm lesbian. I am not at the disposal of your little fantasies without interest, you are at my disposal never forget it.

Only a few have the privilege of being summoned to My Real QueenDom. The rest of the herd will have to be satisfied with My virtual QueenDom. Bow before your Goddess and beg for mercy !

I have a real life of Princess and luxury tastes, and most importantly, I do not need you. I share myself between Paris and Malta, I enjoy the pleasures of life while you work hard for me. I have no remorse to exploit your fantasies and use you as I enjoy to do so.
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