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About anngela
hi Guy's...I am beginning to actively look for a live in slave.I am looking a serious one to be owned and trained as my personal slave property.
" I am very discrete and secured dominant mistress who are currently seeking new one!
I'm not a flirt or tease.. I'm just a reminder of what you want but can't have!A friend of mine (my dearest friend) told me that I need to "...let go of the pain in my past and not allow those who had hurt me to have any more of my life than they've already taken away." I thought on this wise and profoundly wonderful advice and decided to take it.
Trust and respect is built over time, and it is a two way street, built through obedience and shared experiences. Only a few will be chosen, and you must be sincere, reliable and consistent. I have no time for flaky or fake.
About sex, I not surprised anymore after so many years into BDSM world. This is THE goal of masters, dom males etc who just consider SM as another way to have sex. Personally I find it sad. Sex is a part of this universe. To live this part, an physical attraction is required.
As I said, Internet “transform” the reality of BDSM into something connected to porn. The gap between pictures and real life is huge.
My vision is to share “classical” moments (restaurants, hiking, exhibits…) and BDSM in my own special room.
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