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Skype and jasmin and Money ! ~Queen Adelina
2018-04-20 21:09:12

findom, blackmail
Kiss my boots ~Queen Adelina
2018-04-20 21:08:40

boots, findom
Kiss it ~Queen Adelina
2018-04-20 21:08:10

Tribute and maybe you will receive more ~Queen Adelina
2018-04-20 21:07:00

findom, blackmail
Hello bitches! Do you miss me?! ~Queen Adelina
2018-04-20 21:05:51

fetish, findom
I want all your money, now ! ~Queen Adelina
2018-04-20 21:04:41

fetish, findom
Dauerwichser ~LadyAnja
2018-04-20 16:29:23

Du kannst die Finger nicht von deinem kleinen Micro Pimmel lassen? Dann melde dich und ich zeig dir was ich davon halte. Ich werde dir das wichsen ganz schnell abgewöhnen und dein kleiner Schwanz wird mir alleine gehören. Doch vorher werde ich dir noch zeigen was es wirklich heißt ständig zu wichsen und ich wette dass du dabei ganz jämmerlich versagen wirst du kleiner Nichtsnutz.

Herrin, Dominant, Dauerwichser, Pimmel, Schwanz, Fetisch, Nichtsnutz
Fußfetisch Cam ~LadyAnja
2018-04-17 14:17:07

Ich bin eine junge, schöne Lady mit wunderhübschen Füßen. Doch ich bin streng und lasse dich leiden. Ich werde dir erzählen wie meine Füße duften und bin dabei sehr detailgenau. Ob Du auf Schuhe stehst, auf Nylons, Socken, oder Füße, diese Show musst Du gesehen haben. Schau mal rein und sieh dir meine göttlichen Füße an. Ganz in Ruhe herrlich schöne Füße betrachten und dabei eine geile Wichsanleitung verpasst bekommen. Na los, trau dich mal was.

Fußfetisch, LiveCam, Lady, Füße, Schuhe, Nylons, Socken, Show, Wichsanleitung
Reell Fox. 16. - 20. April in Wien! ~Reell
2018-04-15 09:52:41

Vom 16. bis 20. April bin ich in Wien anzutreffen. Ich freue mich auf neue Bekanntschaften und viel Spaß :)

Bewerbung nur per PN!

cash, go, kennenlernen, herrin, sklave, wien, april
Meeting with one of my fav sluty slut! ~Mistress Athena
2018-04-13 20:04:36

So such I have made him.Looking over him he so wanting to please so urging to want over my figure,one that he will not get but I can still tease and torment over the passion and admiration he holds for it.Keep teasing for the nonetheless wanting but not getting he will always. How I made of toying with my sly wit to draw and ensnare him along with my fine lines as he tells of about of my so sexy hot figure. How made of him under my control so as to have my Mistress

ever-reaching ever-present hold upon him. or my tether or leash that be otherwise invisible to others but my Mistress eye

can see such.He know the pull or leash handle always firmly in my hands.How I made make him such,pushed and pulled to my controlling charms, that he do and take what I say.How i made him such to be a..slutty slut? Yes like a good one.One slut who to do as I wish or when I call, he so hard for me and eager to get to have my presence.How I make of him to even dress-up such as the bra or pink cute stocking,even that silly cape at times,I told him to be in today when he asked what shall I have prepped before her for her pleasure.Yes part of it being that of the regular control pleasure aspect for me but if he knew or suspected enough he'd know the laughter as well I get to take from it over the willing slut he made to be left in the name of me Miss Atena.The enjoying smiling grin,the infatuation he finds and draws from the smile I graciously show to him at times.How the moaning I can read inside him

upon even my very word/s..I turn slightly shifting a little roll of my hip/a bottom cheek in my chair.His eyes draw to it just as planned. I knowing how eager he to catch any curve of my as he says "treasured" bottom as I resettle into my chair deliberately knowing the cause of tease it make to him.I both tempting and tormenting

to his urging's with both stirring and frustrations effect to him my innate Mistress sense can read going through his body and mind.He caught between knowing the look as it were of my it my fine treasured

bottom and knowing it my attire with it's


NOT him getting to be touching along my bottom,he denied while he so close...oh his poor little wanting sad face telling the story of my made teased torment haha.I take a sip of my drink letting his wanting to keep building,my lips to the glass while his eyes taking me in.I can feel his building moaning's within due to me and my body,I feel turning and turning him on.I take another shift,a little cross over one of my legs for some extra spice so as he can look upon my thigh covered as they maybe but knowing it not stop him from pulsing for them.Upon the little shift of my hips there subtle shift of my now other bottom cheek His eyes amid lustful look upon my thigh it not gone all unnoticed. I lean forward as I stand up for a moment to say just between us, "You already got so see one little curved view of my bottom you greedy slutty," yet in a tease reminder torment I give a purposefully swivel one way and then another before "

  • Meeting with one of my fav sluty slut!

Extreme Mistress Atena Fuck Your Life Up ~Mistress Athena
2018-04-13 19:59:54

blackmail, findom
Powerfull Mistress ~Mistress Athena
2018-04-13 19:58:27

Be my Boot Bitch ~Mistress Athena
2018-04-13 19:55:34

boots, findom
After Blackmail Session ~Mistress Athena
2018-04-13 19:54:19

blackmail, findom
Das Sperma meines Lovers… ~LadyAnja
2018-04-13 15:48:57

…ist genau das was du brauchst, damit wenigstens mal ein wenig Männlichkeit in Dir ist Du Loser! Melde dich auf meiner Seite an und werde Süchtig nach mir und dem Sperma meines Lovers.

Herrin, Sperma, Lover, Fetisch, Loser, Cucky, Cuckoldsklave

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